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Bringing wisdom back into the home.

I believe this takes each of us being willing to question everything we know, and un-learn most of it.

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Mette Mitchell on Homeopathy and Building Your Home Pharmacy | Ep. 024

by Sascha Kalivoda

I always get so excited talking about homeopathy! What a powerful, elegant, cost-effective and biologically effective way to treat yourself and your family.

I have been using homeopathy for a long time and know first hand how effective it is and how readily our children respond to treatment if they require it. There really is no need to fill your medicine cabinet with toxic creams, pills and syrups.

If you have never delved into the world of homeopathy, the time is now! It is an essential part of bringing wisdom back into the home – a major mission of mine. 

Mette Mitchell is a mother who was so impacted by the power of homeopathy when having her daughter treated that it changed the whole course of her professional career. From a past life as an interior designer jetting around the world, she is now a licensed homeopath from Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in London, and holds a bachelor of science from Middlesex University in homeopathy.

She has a particular interest in getting homeopathy out into families as a supplement to allopathic medicines, and facilitates many courses on how and when to use homeopathy at home.

In this episode, we get into:

  • An update on the Children’s Health Defense chapter here in Alberta and what CHD is and stands for
  • The story of Mette’s premature daughter which led her to question conventional medicine
  • How detoxing her daughter of her early injections with homeopathy led her to becoming a homeopath herself
  • An overview of homeopathy
  • How the potency of homeopathic remedies work
  • When to use higher potency
  • When to take your problems to a homeopath rather than self-prescribing
  • The remedy to take if you are vomiting and can’t stop
  • The basics of prescribing homeopathy at home
  • The remedy for yellow snot
  • What happens if one administers the wrong remedy
  • How homeopathy works in the body and how it speeds up healing
  • The remedy for a hangover
  • How one study shows how homeopathy was effective in treating prostate cancer in rats (see link below)
  • How to access pre-made kits to stock your home pharmacy
  • Info on how to become a part of Mette’s Home Prescriber’s Club – an amazing resource and value, I HIGHLY recommend you do this (see link below)
  • Key remedies to have on hand
  • The most common remedy for symptomology of the current situation (I don’t want to say the words here)
  • How Cuba has a history of effectively treating their people with homeopathy and their current use of homeopathy in treating their vulnerable population in these times of 2020/21
  • The origins of homeopathy
  • The growing pain remedy


    I know you are going to love this interview. It is enlightening and empowering and gives you easy to access tools to put your mind at rest when it comes to treating family emergencies and acute symptoms.

    For more information, please see these links:

    Mette’s website:

    To become a member of the Home Prescriber’s Club:

    Children’s Health Defense Canada:

    Online Prostate cancer study in rats:

    Jonas et al. 2006 Integr Cancer Ther: Male rats were injected with MAT-LyLu (prostate tumor) cells and exposed to several homeopathic remedies


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